At its most fundamental level, ethics is about our relationship to self, others, and the world in which we live and work. The services that Glantz & Associates offer are intended to raise awareness and enhance ethical sensitivity toward the common good.  We also provide continuing education to meet compliance requirements in the financial and legal professions

I am grateful for the many opportunities I have had to work with management/ leaders in the design and implementation of large scale change initiatives and for the opportunities to provide ethics education.  My interest in this branch of philosophy started in early childhood though I did not, then, have a word for how people treated each other. This work gives my life purpose and meaning. –  A word from Robbie

Program Offerings*

  • Creating an Ethical Work Environment
  • The Ethic of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • The Power of Words:  Managing Gossip and Rumor in the Workplace
  • The Ethic of Care: Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Expectations in the Workplace
  • The A.R.T. of Work: Accountability. Respect. Trust in the Workplace
  • The Ethical Management of Conflict
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Ethical Based Leadership
  • Bias in the Workplace
  • Allyship

*Programs are customized to meet client objectives.


  • Development of Code, Policy and Procedure
  • Design, Implementation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives
  • Continuing Education (continuing legal education credits/continuing education credits)
  • Employee Resource Group (ERG)
  • Business Resource Group (BRG)
  • Keynotes
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